May 15, 2012


My wife did this to me on the second day of our “Love Weekend” in Berlin.
After I came she said; “See, honey? I can rub you off with just the tip of my finger. Your cock is just like a little clit”.

For those who didn’t know.
Men have an extremely sensitive area on the underside of the penis, just below the corona. The area is often referred to as the Frenulum. For men who haven’t been circumcised this spot can be almost as sensitive as the clitoris. However a lot of men loose some of this area when circumcised because the circumcision reduces the size of the frenular delta where most of the nerve endings reside, thus also redusing the sensitivity.

This is one of the main reasons I personally think that circumcision of boys should be considered carefully and not just done becuase it’s tradition.
Religious circumcision is a matter I prefer not to to delve into…

This is the work of German Masturbatrix, Klixen. Check out her videos here.
I have posted another short video that I think is her work, here.

(via ncsissycuck)

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